Woodley Equipment in conjunction with Scotland’s Rural College are proud to introduce InSight™ EQA

A certified External Quality Assessment Scheme.



External Quality Assessment (EQA) of laboratory equipment is required by the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme and is recommended for any veterinary practice with in-practice analysers.

In conjunction with the SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College), Woodley Equipment are proud to introduce a ‘true’ External Assessment with the launch of InSight External Quality Assessment (EQA).

InSight EQA is a ‘not for profit’ scheme in conjunction with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) which carries out academic and government funded not-for-profit business and is committed to excellence in the advancement, communication and translation of knowledge, together with leading on innovation and sustainable development in the rural sector.

InSight EQA is an internet based clinical chemistry and haematology EQA scheme and provides a ‘true’ external assessment by comparing results from multiple analysers of the same make and not with just a reference laboratory analyser. InSight EQA is independent of all analyser manufacturers and is a flexible scheme so you choose which analytes to assess. InSight EQA can be tailored to suit your practice with monthly EQA programmes for biochemistry, haematology or both.

InSight EQA provides an indication of your analysers accuracy and precision complementing your internal quality control. It helps to maintain and improve analytical quality and raises standards by improving inter-laboratory agreement. It helps detect equipment failures, identify reagent problems and assists with reviewing staff training. InSight EQA can be used for initiating and evaluating corrective actions by comparing different analytical methods.

InSight EQA is designed to be easy to use with three simple steps

1. We send you a sample to analyse each month

2. You email back the results

3. We send you a report within 7 days comparing your results with all subscribers with identical instruments


Our reports are sent promptly to your QA Manager so that you can address any problems should they arise.


To enrol for InSight EQA or for further information, contact Woodley Equipment Company:

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Tel:         01204 669033 (Option 1)

Fax:        01204 669034