Fresh laundry benchmarks for vets from Miele Professional

Veterinary practices produce a large volume and variety of items every day that need high quality laundering.


When considering the best laundry system to suit the requirements of their business, vets need to factor in the quantity and frequency of the items washed, as well as the space they have available to accommodate machines.


A key factor for the veterinary market is infection control and a laundry system can be chosen to help with this. Miele Professional’s commercial machines have thermal disinfection cycles to ensure the removal of 99.9% of bacteria. They are also tested and approved to Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Category 5, a regulatory requirement in veterinary practices, to prevent backfilling of soiled or contaminated water into the mains water supply.


Not only do they comply with industry regulations, but Miele Professional machines are also designed and tested to last for up to 30,000 wash cycles to provide vets with a cost-effective solution.


Feedback from some of Miele vets customer’s highlights they were previously changing their domestic machines as frequently as every nine months as they couldn’t keep up with the volume and variety of items being laundered. Miele Professional machines have a lifecycle of ten years, based on every day use for eight hours a day, highlighting the long-term benefit of a commercial machine.


Understanding the laundry requirements of a busy practice, Miele Professional listened to the customer insights and developed its new Performance and Performance Plus ranges, setting fresh benchmarks for the sector.


To save vets time without compromising on quality, the Performance machines provide an outstanding clean in cycle times from just 52 minutes. The Performance Plus range becomes the new industry leader with an even faster cycle time from just 45 minutes, plus a range of programmes to suit every need. The Performance range has an improved heating system and the ability to specify load sizes, which means less water, energy and detergent are used, while Performance Plus machines (in the cottons 60°C programme) require up to 20% less water and 30% less energy than the previous generation.


Miele has also developed solutions for practices with limited space; with the Performance Plus range providing an 11kg derivative, alongside the established Little Giants range, offering the option to stack the machines.


Whitstable Bay Vets can attest to the reliability of a Miele Professional machines. Owner Adam Scutt said: “I know I can totally trust that our Miele Professional washing machine will not break down. The fast cycle times are a revelation, as energy efficiency is everything in the veterinary industry.


“I would highly recommend Miele Professional products to anybody in the industry seeking quality on-premise laundry equipment.”


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