Vet MRI - A Busy Time for Imotek Service Department with Two New Sites and a New System Upgrade

New Site – Jersey

Jersey Village Vets have recently installed a refurbished VetMR into their Oak Farm surgery in St Clement, Jersey, offering their patients immediate access to MRI.


Proving that the Esaote Veterinary MRI systems can be sited practically anywhere, Imotek have recently completed the install at Jersey Village Vets in a refurbished barn.

The unconventional location brought with it some interesting challenges for the Imotek service department. During the site survey visits, some issues were discovered including RF noise, temperature control and building access. After extensive discussions with the vets’ architect’s, building work started and the process of turning the barn into a diagnostic MRI suite began.

Once the barns building works had been completed, Imotek engineers were on site to start the first stage, building the RF room. A custom size RF shielded room was deemed to be most suitable for the space and in conjunction with the specialist Italian team, the room was constructed and the MRI suite began to take shape.

The next step was to get the magnet on site and positioned within the room. The refurbished magnet (weighing in at 2500Kgs) required a mix of man power and specialist equipment to move into place. This was made even more challenging with the tricky building access. Once the magnet was in place, the room could be finished and the remaining system covers fitted.

The PC unit was connected and final calibrations and testing began before finally commissioning the unit ready for use.


Existing site upgrade - Bath

The second of this year’s installations was an upgrade for an existing customer, Bath Vet Referrals, based at the Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital, Bath.

Bath Vet have upgraded their Vet MR to a Vet MR Grande. Taking advantage of the new features and latest upgrades enabling them to develop their, already well established, MRI service even further.

The first step was to remove the existing magnet and prep it for transfer to the new site.

Once this had been completed, the install of the new Vet MR Grande was relatively straight forward.

The RF cage was kept from the previous system and due to the deinstallation the site was already prepared for the new MRI’s arrival.  The only slight complication came with the room size and RF cage. The average Vet MR room size is smaller than that of the Grande, this was certainly the case for Bath Vets. Imotek engineers faced the intricate task of fitting the Vet MR Grande into the smallest room to date. The room and cage are the minimum possible size for the new system, leaving no “wiggle” room for the engineers. Their experience and knowledge ensured the installation was carried out with pin-point accuracy. 

The Vet MR was removed and relocated to Kinston Vets Hull.


System Relocation into a New Site - Hull

The final of this year’s installations was for Kingston Veterinary Group at their Park Street Hospital, Hull.

The refurbished VetMR from Bath Vets was sited within an extension to the existing building, purposely built as a diagnostic imaging suite.

In slight contrast to the previous new install in Jersey, the more conventional setting still proved challenging for the team of Imotek engineers. The new extension had a mix of concrete and wooden flooring. This meant that the engineers had to custom build a platform covering the entire route to help support the weight of the magnet whilst it was being moved into the cage and its final position.

Imotek’s team of engineers, who are all manufacturer factory trained, have completed numerous installs since the first in Cambridge 2001. Their experience and completion of comprehensive site surveys, carried out during the sale consultancy period, mean they are able to predict and overcome any potential siting issues that may arise.


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