Surgery and Theatre Equipment

With what it claims are six of the most advanced MRI and CT systems in the world, and an accessible network of 46 scanning centres around the UK and Ireland, Burgess Diagnostics claims it can bring the benefits of safe and effective imaging to veterinary surgeons nationwide.

Docsinnovent (in collaboration with EDAN Instruments Inc) offers a complement to the v-gel range, the M3B vital signs monitor. The M3B provides the essential measurements of SpO2, CO2 capnography, pule oximetry, and respiration to give high quality veterinary anaesthesia control.

The new light generation from Dr Mach using LED technology has a colour rendering index of Ra = 95, allowing the surgeon to clearly recognise the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast. 

According to the manufacturer, HLD4 is a revolutionary disinfectant range that is safe, simple to use, and secure. It is based on a unique micelle action formulation that enables greater surface cleaning activity, thereby allowing more efficient removal of surface contaminants. 

Shor-Line kennels are fabricated from the company’s exclusive two-piece unitised construction process, minimising the number of welded seams. Less welds mean stronger and longer lasting kennels.

Teleos is a true Windows program designed specifically for veterinary practice. According to the manufacturer, it provides all of the standard features you would expect, plus many innovative ideas.

Vetland Medical designed the new EX3000 anesthesia system with input from clinicians, technologists, and engineers with years of veterinary anesthesia experience.

Anistel by Tristel Solutions (previously Trigene Advance) provides everything veterinarians need in a high level surface disinfectant: proven efficacy, ease and safety in use, and excellent materials compatibility.

Gratnells produce robust, durable storage units, storage trolleys, boxes, and trays, which according to the manufacturer work together to provide a complete storage solution that is can become an integral part of the working day for veterinary practices.