Surgery and Theatre Equipment

Busy veterinary practices generate laundry every day so having the right equipment can help to make staff’s lives easier and practices more efficient.

As GP vets in 2017, we are privileged to have access to so much amazing diagnostic equipment; the array of equipment available to the average first opinion vet ever increasing.

A true 5 part differential laser Haematology Analyser including Reticulocytes at BSAVA Congress.

The high specification Seven and Alpha ultrasound systems offered by Imotek have benefited from a significant software revision which offers further enhancement to the existing high end imaging performance.

Diagnostic and imaging systems are integral in modern veterinary practice. Indeed, obtaining vital diagnoses for animals who are incapable of explaining the problem is essential to effective care – and a accurate diagnosis equals accurate treatment.

Team Coldfeet is the joint passion of husband and wife, Kaz and Pete Jones (and their daughter, Hannah). Building a winning reputation in British Sled Dog Racing for over 18 years.

The Mobile Sink company has been providing portable hand wash solutions to the veterinary and medical industry for over 10 years.

Product manufacturing, expertise and product development are the foundations for a new medical & healthcare company launched earlier this month. Enaris – the new name for Sirane’s medical division – has been created to service medical, laboratory, dental, care-home, emergency and veterinary sectors.

Freelance Surgical have 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of high quality surgical instrumentation.