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Welcome to Vet Supplies Magazine (VSM), the magazine and web/digital resource for the UK community of veterinarians with purchasing authority for equipment and medicines.

VSM is a unique magazine in a number of ways. For example, it is the only title for the UK veterinary community that focuses ONLY on the products, equipment. medicines, and services purchased by veterinary professionals. Every issue of the magazine brings vets news on new medicines, equipment, and kit that they need to be aware of in order to ensure they offer the best service to their customers and above all the animals in their care.

The veterinary sector is increasingly competitive. Numerous publications and web resources exist that give vets the information they need to keep abreast of advances in diagnosis and animal treatments. 

 Our research with the sector, however, showed that vets were also eager to receive regular and concise information on new products, equipment, medicines, and services. So VSM is born out of the demand by vets, and ensures that they are constantly aware of all the new products and equipment available for their animal care and their theatres and surgeries.

VSM is a product tabloid, a form of magazine that has proved highly successful in numerous sectors as a way of presenting important news on new products and equipment. Each issue of VSM will contain hundreds of product, medicine, and equipment announcements, as well as special buyers' guides and spotlight features on specific subject areas issue to issue. The magazine covers the full range of small animal, large animal, and equine medicines and equipment.

Beyond its focus, VSM is also unique in the way in which its subscribers have been selected. 

As a supplier to the veterinary community, you want to know that every magazine is being read by someone who has the ability to specify products. So saying, we have qualified your audience of potential customers, and VSM magazine is read ONL Y by first call vets, senior veterinary nurses, or professionals working in referral centres who have purchasing authority.

Our digital products and web site are used (in addition to these core purchasers) by the universe of the veterinary community, but the magazine represents the key sales resource, aimed at vets with budgets who need to know about your products and who you need to influence as they order the products, medicine, and equipment required to keep their practices working optimally.                                        

In each issue of VSM, details of hundreds of new products, medicines, and equipment for animal care or surgeries and operating theatres are showcased. All editorial in VSM is published free of charge on merit whether you advertise in the magazine or not. 

Each issue also focuses in on particular areas of interest through spotlights or buyers' guides, allowing you to promote your company in particular issues that have especial relevance to the products or services you supply.

We are proud to be working with the numerous world-class suppliers that serve the United Kingdom's first class veterinary community, and look forward above all else to generating enquiries to boost your sales into this sector.

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